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Please feel free to use our Free Party Invitation, click on the link for the printable document.

Don't forget to remind your guests to bring socks!!

Party Invite

So this is how our parties work....You book a room time, say 2pm, you are welcome to come to Wear 'M' Out from 1pm to meet & greet guests and let the kids play and burn off some of that energy, you will be seated in the general seating area, then at 2pm we will get you into your party room, if your package of choice has food included then we will serve the food at this time, you eat, open presents have cake etc, then after your hour (two hours for Gold Package) is up, you come back to general seating area and continue to play for as long as you like! If parents of a guest wish to join you that is allowed however if they are bringing in siblings they will be required to pay general admission for the sibling/s. Please remember EVERYONE needs socks, it is worth reminding all parents of this even if they are coming to drop off or pick up a child from a party and wish to enter the facility!