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Rates & Admission

Monday - Thursday

1-4 yrs $8.95*

5-12yrs $10.95*

Adults & Caregivers ... FREE**

0-11 months free when accompanied by a paying sibling, otherwise regular rates apply.

Friday- Sunday

(inclusive of School Holidays)

1-4yrs $10.95*

5-12yrs $12.95*

Adults & Caregivers ... FREE **

0-11 months free when accompanied by a paying sibling, otherwise regular rates apply.

*All Prices subject to GST *

** additional adults will be required to pay $6/per adult **

With the Christmas season and New Years coming upon us please call us for your private booking needs. Or just a private booking for you and 49 of your closest friends!‚Äč 


Mon - thurs: 10 - 6 PM

Fri-Sat: 10 - 7 PM

Sun: 12 PM-5:00 PM

**Opening times are subject to change, please check on our website, Facebook and Instagram  before coming for changes to opening times.**

Adults that are not accompanying a child will not be admitted into the play centre without prior agreement from management.

We have a few Play Rules....Just so everyone enjoys themselves

*EVERYBODY needs to wear socks, even the grown ups! If you don't have socks you can purchase a pair at the reception**

*Absolutely No outside food or drink to be consumed on the premises. If found with outside food or drink you will be asked to dispose of it or may be asked to leave the premises**

*Parents/Guardians must supervise their own children, we are not responsible for your children's safety/behaviour or any injuries that may occur from our playground.**

*No outside toys or sharp objects to be taken onto the play structures.**

*No climbing on the outside of any of the equipment**

*No stopping on or climbing back up the slide**

*Wear 'M' Out Inc. reserves the right to restrict play sessions to 2 hours during busy periods**

*Please do not bring your child in if he/she is sick or unwell.**

*Personal items must be left with a supervising adult, we cannot accept any responsibility for loss or theft of any valuables while in the play centre.**

*Absolutely no food, drink or gum to be consumed in the play areas at ANY time, staff will have the right to ask you to leave if this is not adhered to.**

*It is not recommended to allow your child to wear any costume jewelry or anything that may get caught up in the play areas, this is for their own safety.**

*Management reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone at any time for any reason the deem appropriate.**

*Waivers must be signed for children and their guardians before entering the facility, waivers will be kept on file for 3 yrs.**

*Verbal threats or bad language will not be tolerated, you may be asked to leave the play center by a member of staff if this cannot be adhered to.** 

Please remember these Rules are for the comfort and safety of all.

Enjoy our facility - be kind - HAVE FUN!